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Design Considerations

ODL Online was designed to meet minimum standards for access by local libraries. For the past several years, the Oklahoma Department of Libraries has utilized federal funds and grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to purchase computers and other equipment for public and institutional libraries to facilitate information sharing.

Additional funds have been used in recent years to upgrade public libraries to broadband connections for use by both staff and library patrons.

Based on the computer set-up available at many local libraries, here are recommendations to best view this site:

  • ODL Online is best visited with the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. However if you have a slightly earlier version, your viewing experience should be fine.
  • View with your browser window at full-frame if you are using 800x600 resolution. ODL Online pages are designed with a 1062x768 screen resolution in mind.

Most web pages on ODL Online are well under 60K in size (the suggested maximum standard) in order to promote fast and efficient loading on local web browsers. However, the local telecommunications infrastructure and traffic jams on the net can slow down access to the Internet.

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