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Information Sources Available at ODL
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This page describes U.S. Government Information sources available onsite at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, Allen Wright Memorial Library, 200 N.E. 18th Street in Oklahoma City. Many of the materials are available through interlibrary loan.

Information Topics
Census Information
Congressional Information
Educational Information
Export/Import Information
Federal Grants
Federal Specifications
Patents and Trademarks
The Serial Set (Historical Documents)

Census Information
We have census information for every state from the first census in 1790 to the most current statistical profiles. Note: We do not have information about individuals that can be used for genealogical research.

Congressional Information
We receive the full texts of new Congressional bills and resolutions, historical committee hearings, the complete reports and documents of Congress in the Serial Set, and the Congressional Record, which is the text of the Congressional sessions.

Educational Information
We can help you find materials from the U.S. Department of Education, Congressional committees that examine educational issues, and the reports of Presidential and other educational commissions. We also maintain a set of ERIC microfiche from 1966 to the present.

Export/Import Information
The National Trade Data Bank contains marketing information and tips for imports and exports and includes market research reports for the nations with which the U.S. trades.

Federal Grants
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance lists most of the standing grants issued by the federal government. The Federal Register is published every federal workday and updates the Catalog by listing new grants.

Federal Specifications
Contractors for federal jobs are required to use military and federal specifications and standards. More than 100,000 specifications and standards are available.

Patents and Trademarks
We have been receiving the full text of patents since March, 1995. We have the materials you need in order to perform a preliminary patent search. We can help you access CASSIS, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Index to the U.S. Patent Classification System, Manual Classification, and patent definitions.

The Serial Set
The Serial Set is our most important collection of historical materials. It contains more than 50,000 titles published by or on behalf of Congress from 1789 to the present.

Serial Set reports include Congressional committee and administrative reports of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Serial Set documents include directories, orations, journals, and many other types of materials.

Reports from the Executive Branch of our government to Congress abound. Included are messages from the President, the annual reports of departments and agencies, some older issues of publications such as the U.S. Geological Survey Bulletins and the Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletins, and some older issues of periodical publications such as the Monthly Consular Reports and the Pan American Union Bulletin.

The most important compilation of early reports of the Executive Branch included in the Serial Set is the American State Papers. Authorized in 1831, the project collected the earliest scattered publications of our government. It consists of 38 volumes from the first thirteen congresses grouped by the following subjects:
  • Foreign Relations - 6 volumes, 500 reports
  • Indian Affairs - 2 volumes, 253 reports
  • Finance - 5 volumes, 928 reports
  • Commerce and Navigation - 2 volumes, 266 reports
  • Military Affairs - 7 volumes, 794 reports
  • Naval Affairs - 4 volumes, 644 reports
  • Post Office Department - 1 volume, 129 reports
  • Public Lands - 8 volumes, 1,595 reports
  • Claims - 1 volume, 626 reports
  • Miscellaneous - 2 volumes, 543 reports
Miscellaneous publications in the Serial Set include congressional hearings, studies of women and child labor, reports on national security, and reports of expeditions such as Explorations and Surveys for Pacific Railroad.

There are some non-governmental publications in the Serial Set such as reports of the American Revolution and veterans' organizations.

Our Serial Set Holdings
We have the complete Serial Set collection on microfiche. Most of the volumes published since 1900 are available in paper format also. We have a complete set of the American State Papers, as well as many volumes from the earliest years, in paper format also.

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