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200 NE 18th St
Oklahoma City,

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Steve Beleu,
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Oklahoma's Federal Information Libraries


11. Norman
University of Oklahoma
Bizzell Library
Government Documents Collection
401 W. Brooks
Norman, OK 73019-0528
Phone: (405) 325-3141
Fax: (elsewhere in library) (405) 325-7618
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Dep. No/Year Designated: D496 (1893)

Subject Concentration: General

Collection: Supt. of Documents classification in separate area; some materials classified in general collection.

Location-Documents: 4th floor

Circulation: 4 weeks with renewal to faculty, students, staff.

Jeffrey Wilhite
, Documents Librarian
Mark Coe, Tech Assistant II
Vicki Michener, Staff Assistant I

General Policies: Closed stacks.

Special Collections:
CIS Serial Set, 1789-1945 (microfiche)
Declassified Documents 1945-Present (microfiche & digital)
Department of Energy 1962-1996
ERIC 1966-2003
General Accounting Office (microfiche) 1975-resent
General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) 1947-1994
Index to International Statistics 1993-Present (microfiche & digital)
LexisNexis Congressional Serial Set (digital)
Congressional Quarterly Researcher/Weekly Report (digital)
Public Documents Masterfile (digital)
International Atomic Energy Agency 1957-

NATO/AGARD 1954-Present
United Nations Official Records 1945-Present (Paper)
U.S. Bills and Resolutions (complete set)
World Trade Organization (WTO) 1995-2002
CIS US Execuline Research Branch Documents 1789-1932 (microfiche)
CIS US Senate Unpublished Hearings 1965-1982 (microfiche)
CIS US House Unpublished Hearings 1937-1973 (microfiche)

Main Library Stacks: European Communities 1974-Present
United Nations, general publications 1945-Present (Paper)

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