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How to Use Census Data: Guides and Handouts About Data from the U.S. Census Bureau

This area features guides and handouts about how to use Census data. These guides may be freely duplicated; please change no text without first asking permission with the exception of updating web addresses. It also includes links to the most important online tools that help you use Census data.

Major Sites

U.S. Census Bureau

2010 Redistricting Data for Oklahoma
(move cursor over map for county information)

2010 Census - Standard Data Products

Census of Agriculture

ODL-Issued Publications (PDF Format)

The New American FactFinder

Library Perspectives on Managing Customer Services for American FactFinder

Census Webpage Viewing 101

Census Workshop Web Addresses

Choosing Census Data

Mixing Census Data Types Together

Using American Community Survey Data

Census, Survey, Estimate, Projection

Geography for the 2010 Census

Other Resources

ACS Calculator
The calculator allows you to perform these data calculations:

  • Add ACS estimates together either as values or percentages
  • Calculate a ratio
  • Change a value to a percentage
  • Change a percentage to a value
  • Calculate the percent of change or the percent of difference

Circular Area Profiles
This allows you to calculate Census data using as few as 1 and as many as 5 circles whose mileage you determine; Census data will display for the population within each circle. Use the Geographic Names Information System find a latitude and longitude to run a Circular Area Profile search by coordinates.

Population Trend Report
Look at population trends for your county from as early as 1990 onward.

How to Do Census FTP Downloads (PowerPoint)

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