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Oklahoma Publications Clearinghouse
History and Duties

Created by legislation in 1978, the Oklahoma Publications Clearinghouse of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries was charged with the responsibility "to establish an Oklahoma government publications depository library system for the use of the citizens of the State of Oklahoma; to collect state publications from every agency and to retain and preserve permanently copies of all such publications."

Publications received by the Clearinghouse from state government agencies are distributed to a network of seventeen depository libraries located throughout Oklahoma, as well as to the U.S. Library of Congress.

In 1985, the Oklahoma Department of Libraries initiated a program to microfilm state government publications. This program enabled all depository libraries within the Oklahoma Publications Clearinghouse system to receive copies of all available publications. Prior to 1985, only six libraries were designated as total depositories within the OPC system, and as such, received copies of all available publications.

Official Duties of the Clearinghouse
  • To collect state publications from every agency and to retain and preserve them
  • To compile and maintain a permanent record of state publications
  • To establish a state publications depository library system
  • To enter into contracts with other libraries within this state,
    designating them as depository libraries for the Oklahoma Department of Libraries
  • To distribute copies of state publications to the United States Library of Congress and
    depository libraries of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries
  • To arrange for the conversion of state publications to microform, and
    to establish a distribution system for these microforms to designated depository libraries
  • To receive copies of all state legal publications for exchange purposes
  • To prepare and publish official lists of state publications
  • To notify members of the Legislature of the receipt of any annual,
    semi-annual or biennial reports deposited with the Publications Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse Mission

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