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In pursuing its mission to provide citizens of the state access to Oklahoma state government publications, the Clearinghouse seeks the advice of an Advisory Council.

Members are appointed by the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and include representatives of state agencies, depository libraries, and other interested persons.

The functions of the council are to advise on the selection, organization, distribution and bibliographic control of publications, to recommend policies and procedures for the effective and efficient operation of the Clearinghouse, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

Members of the Advisory Council to the Publications Clearinghouse are:

  • Sharon Bish
    Metropolitan Library System
  • Mills Gotcher
    Department of Transportation
  • Mark Harrison
    Conservation Commission
  • Dana Jackson
    Chambers Library, University of Central Oklahoma
  • Jo Kilgore
    Oklahoma Health Care Authority
  • Connie Kirby
    Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University
  • Andy Lupardus
    McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa

  • Robbie Sittel
    Tulsa City-County Library System
  • Joyce Stiehler
    Oklahoma Geological Survey
  • William R. Young
    Oklahoma Department of Libraries

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