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Oklahoma's 2002
Notable Government Documents

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document #1Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001

comp. By Kevin D. Motes
Oklahoma Department of Libraries.
OCLC: 49648864.

Downloaded over 73,000 times, this timely, annotated bibliography provides access to information produced by the U.S. government on the events of September 11, 2001. Items are arranged alphabetically by document title within a broad range of subject areas. URLs to individual documents are provided when applicable, and SuDoc numbers are given to assist users in locating publications at depository libraries. Volume 2 updates information since April 2002. Motes is with the U.S. Government Information Division, Oklahoma Department of Libraries. [ALA]

document #2Forty-Six Important Federal Publications About Oklahoma-the 46th State

By Steve Beleu.
Oklahoma Department of Libraries. 15p. OCLC: 47593533.
Free while copies last.

This bibliography lists 46 federal government publications that highlight important events in Oklahoma history, including The Five Civilized Tribes, Gold and Silver Fever, The Wichita National Forest, Rights of Women in Oklahoma, Remembering Will Rogers, The Dust Bowl, and Oklahoma City Bombing. Each entry includes the title, author, a physical description of the publication, SuDoc number, and a brief annotation. [ALA]

document #3The Prairie was on Fire: Eyewitness Accounts of the Civil War in the Indian Territory

by Whit Edwards. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Historical Society, 180 p. With app., bibl., notes, ind., photos. ISBN 0-941498-72-7; $24.95 [Available from the Museum Store of the Oklahoma Historical Society, 2100 Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105].

Unique in its approach, this book brings together the eyewitness accounts of enlisted men, officers and civilians in Indian Territory during the Civil War. Organized by engagements, the author juxtaposes written accounts from both sides of a dispute. He editorializes on the information found in these accounts by filling in background information with details of their combat exploits. Included are photographs of over seventy of the officers and enlisted men whose writings were compiled. Extensive bibliography and index. [JGI]

document #4The Water Quality Primer

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Conservation Commission, Water Quality Division, 47 p. photos. [Available from the Commission, 5225 N. Shartel, Suite 102, Oklahoma City, OK 73118].

We may know that water pollution is a serious issue, but we don’t always know why various pollutants are considered a problem. This primer provides basic, up-to-date information to help citizens understand the ecology of streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater. It describes the sources of pollution and how these pollutants are affecting our water resources. Broad topics are defined along with many photographs illustrating the concept. The Commission emphasizes that education is the key to keeping our water clean. [JGI]

document #5Reading Topographic Maps: Activities for Earth Science Teachers and Students

by James R. Chaplin. Norman: Oklahoma Geological Survey, University of Oklahoma. 82p. Publication 7. ISSN 0160-8746. With ill., maps (some col.) $12.[Available from Oklahoma Geological Survey, Sarkeys Energy Center, 100 E. Boyd, Room N-131, Norman, OK 73019-0628].

This informative publication explains how to read topographic maps and use them in everyday life. Although intended primarily for teachers and students, the straightforward definitions make this a valuable resource for anyone interested in improving their map reading skills. The main text introduces basic mapping principles and includes guides to resources for further study. Several activity sheets are also included. Some activities have been tailored to particular areas within Oklahoma but questions and exercises may be adapted to most any geographic area and topographic map. [JGI]


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