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Oklahoma's Notable Government Documents Archive

Year Selected
American Library Association
Government Publications Review/Journal of Government Information


Oklahoma,  A Guide for Small Business.  Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Oklahoma Directory of Manufacturers and Products, 1988-89 ed.  Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Prevention Education :  Curriculum Guide for Teachers.  Oklahoma State Department of Education and Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The Chronicles of Oklahoma.  Oklahoma Historical Society.

Directory of Oklahoma:  State Almanac, 1987-1988.  Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

Discover Oklahoma USA:  1889-1989 Centennial of Oklahoma Land Rush.  Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

Oklahoma Today.  Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

Oklahoma!  Vacation Guide.  Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

A Field Guide to Reptiles of Oklahoma.  Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Outdoor Oklahoma. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation



Artists-in-Residence Program.  State Arts Council of Oklahoma.

Juneteenth on Greenwood.  State Arts Council of Oklahoma.

Business Taxation and Investment Incentives Guide:  A Report Highlighting Oklahoma's "Pro

Business" Incentives and Taxation Package for Industry 1989-90.  Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

The Adoptive Parents Handbook.  Oklahoma Department of Human Services.



Protecting Oklahoma's Children:  Who is Responsible?  Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth.

Community Guide:  A Desktop Guide to Financial and Technical Assistance for Oklahoma's Community Leaders.  Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Cultural Curriculum for Communities.  Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Oklahoma Water Atlas.  Oklahoma Water Resources Board.



A Guide to Oklahoma Capital Sources.  Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Four Circles of Learning. Oklahoma Department of Education

Oklahoma Indicators Program; Results 1990. Oklahoma Department of Education.

Oklahoma's War on Drugs.  Office of State Finance.

Hazardous Waste Disposal in Oklahoma - a Symposium.  Oklahoma Geological Survey.

Issues Facing Oklahoma Women 1987-1990.  Governor's Commission on the Status of Women.



Oklahoma's Drug and Violent Crime Control Strategy.  District Attorneys Council.

Oklahoma Disability Etiquette Handbook.  Office of Handicapped Concerns.

For Parents Sake A Survival Kit for Parents, Vol. II.  Department of Health.

The Legacy of Miracle Hill:  Events, Which Led to the Enactment of the 1963 Oklahoma Child Care Licensing Act.  Department of Human Services.

Working Together for Quality Child Care:  A Handbook.  Department of Human Services.

Preliminary Analysis of the Crips and Bloods Street Gang Activity in Oklahoma, Strategic Intelligence Summary.  Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Preparing Teachers for the Twenty-First Century:  The Report of the Oklahoma Teacher Preparation Task Force.  Oklahoma Teacher Preparation Task Force.



Oklahoma's Federally Recognized Indian Tribes.  Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Oklahoma Disability Resource Guide.  Office of Handicapped Concerns.

Domestic Violence:  A Basic Manual for Intervention and Prevention. Department of Human Services.

American Indian Higher Education in Oklahoma:  A Study of the Implementation and Impact of Tribally Controlled Colleges.  Indian Affairs Commission.

The Literacy Council Handbook.  Oklahoma Department of Libraries.



Tax and Financing Incentives for Developing a Private Sector on American Indian Trust Lands:  1993 Perspective.  Department of Commerce.


Oklahoma Injury Facts.  Department of Health.


Resource Guide for Older Oklahomans.  Department of Human Services.


Welfare Reform for the 21st Century: Conserving Oklahoma's Most Valuable Resource - It's People.  Department of Human Services.

An Oklahoma Initiative:  Statewide Preservation Assessment and Reporting Project.  Oklahoma Department of Libraries.



A Guide to Doing Business in Oklahoma; Business Assistance from the Legal Perspective.   Oklahoma Department of Commerce


State of Oklahoma Directory of Women-Owned Businesses.  Oklahoma Department of Commerce.


Learn to Read and the World Opens Wide. Oklahoma Department of Libraries.


1995 Summer Reading Program for Children:  Knights Alive in '95. Oklahoma Department of Libraries.


Common Questions and Answers About HIV/AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.    Department of Health.


Adopt A Black Child.  Department of Human Services.


Report on Educator Preparation and Professional Development. Oklahoma Commission on Teacher Preparation.



Main Street:  The Big Picture. Oklahoma Department of Commerce.


A Government as Good as Our People; Report of Governor's Commission on Government Performance.  The Governor's Commission on Government Performance.


Report of the Joint Interim Committee on Violence Prevention.  Oklahoma Legislature The Committee


Oklahoma Library Trustee Handbook.  Oklahoma Department of Libraries.


April 19, 1995 9:02 a.m.; The Historical Record of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Oklahoma Today.  Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.


After Action Report:  Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Bombing.  Oklahoma Department of Civil Emergency Management.

Main Street:  The Big Picture. Oklahoma Department of Commerce.


It Takes a Village to Raise a Child:  Annual Report of the Division of Children & Family Services. Department of Human Services.


Be a Super Snooper Sleuth at your Library.  Oklahoma Department of Libraries.


Oklahoma Almanac.  Oklahoma Department of Libraries.



Rockhounding and Earth-Science Activities in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma Geological Survey.


ODL Online.  The Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Conserving Oklahoma's Water.  Oklahoma Water Resources Board.



A World of Information at Your Fingertips.  Employment Security Commission.


Oklahoma Disability Etiquette Handbook.  Office of Handicapped Concerns.


1998-1999 Oklahoma Indian Nations Information Handbook.  Indian Affairs Commission.


Guidelines for an Effective Safety & Health Program.  Department of Labor.


Oklahoma Facts and Figures, the State's Economy and Budget in Perspective.  Oklahoma Senate.



A Century to Remember:  A Historical Perspective of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.  House of Representatives


Domestic Wastewater Management:  Information for Homeowners.  Department of Environmental Quality.


My Water Well: What You Should Know About Water Wells Construction.  Water Resource Board.


The Road to Employment for People With Disabilities.  Office of Handicapped Concerns.


An Assessment of School Violence in Oklahoma Public School.  Council on Violence Prevention/Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Center.


Oklahoma youth Tobacco Survey 1999 Summary Report.  Oklahoma State Department of Health.


Domestic Violence Awareness Guide. Oklahoma Department of Human Services—Family Support Services Division


Tulsa Race Riot: A Report by the Oklahoma Commission To Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, Oklahoma Historical Society


An Assessment of School Violence in Oklahoma Public Schools. David Wright & Bob Clymer for the
Oklahoma Council on Violence Prevention—
Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Ctr.


Oklahoma Wetlands Wet, Wild and Wonderful. The Oklahoma Conservation Commission


Oklahoma Disability Resource Guide. Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services—Public Information Office



Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001. Oklahoma Department of Libraries


The Prairie was on Fire: Eyewitness Accounts of the Civil War in the Indian Territory. Oklahoma Historical Society


The Water Quality Primer. Oklahoma Conservation Commission


Reading Topographic Maps: Activities for Earth Science Teachers and Students. Oklahoma Geological Survey


Forty-Six Important Federal Publications About Oklahoma-the 46th State. Oklahoma Department of Libraries



Out of the Dust: The History of Conservation in Oklahoma in the 20th Century. Oklahoma Conservation Commission


The Oklahoma Arthritis Plan: Maximizing Ability, Minimizing Disability. Oklahoma Department of Health


The Oklahoma Drought of 2001-2002. Oklahoma Climatological Survey



The Oklahoma Aviation Story. Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission



Oklahoma Water Atlas. Oklahoma Water Resources Board


Inspired to Lead: Governors and First Families of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Historical Society


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