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About State Publications

What are State Publications?
"...any informational materials which originate in or are produced with the imprint, by the authority, or at the total or partial expense of an agency supported wholly or in part by state funds and which are distributed to persons outside of the creating agency or are required by law."

Where do they come from?
"...any office, officer, department, division, unit, bureau, board, commission, authority, institution, substate planning district, or agency in any branch of the state government, and all sub-divisions of each when applicable"

How does the Clearinghouse get them?
"Every agency except institutions of higher education, but specifically including any board of regents for higher education, which issues a state publication shall immediately deposit a maximum of twenty-five copies with the Publications Clearinghouse."

(65 O.S. 1991, 3-113 through §3-114)

The Value of State Publications
State publications are an important part of the state's policy-making process. They tend to be the most current source for statistical data, and often contain information not available elsewhere.

  • State publications contain consumer information to help you make informed product choices.
  • They contain educational information to help you plan your future.
  • State publications contain regulatory information which impacts your life.
  • They contain recreational information to help you plan your free time.
Some Examples of State Publications:

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