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The Office of
Library Development
Dept. of Libraries

Vicki Mohr
Division Director

200 NE 18th St
Oklahoma City,

(405) 522-3293
(405) 525-7804—FAX

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Statutory Authority

Library Development Staff and Services

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Statutory Authority

ODL's Office of Library Development works to carry out the policy of the State to "implement the development and maintenance of adequate public and special library facilities and services throughout the state in whatever forms and by whatever means may be most beneficial and feasible" (65 O.S. 1991, 1-102); and the Department's statutory authority to exercise this mission (65 O.S. 1991, 1-103a).

Library Development staff assist the ODL Board with its duties to formulate standards for public and special libraries; utilize such standards as guidelines in the accreditation of libraries and the apportionment of state and federal funds to libraries; and, in the certification of public librarians. (65 O.S. 1991, 2-101)

A common misconception is that ODL's relationship with local libraries is similar to the State Department of Vocational and Technical Education's supervision of local vo-tech schools. This is not the case. ODL has no direct control over the management and practices of local public libraries. Public libraries are local government institutions, and they receive the majority of their funding through municipal or county taxes. ODL "encourages" the development and improvement of local library services through its management of state payments and federal grant programs; its participation in establishing state laws for the operation and funding of local libraries; its consultation services to local library boards; and through its educational programs.

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