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The Office of
Library Development
Dept. of Libraries

Vicki Mohr
Division Director

200 NE 18th St
Oklahoma City,

(405) 522-3293
(405) 525-7804—FAX

Office of Library Development Staff

Library Development staff members serve as personal contacts to Oklahoma public and institutional librarians. Staff members assist librarians with a variety of topics: annual reports, certification, state aid eligibility, library grant applications, performance measure surveys, long range planning, programming ideas, library laws, policies, etc.

There are three general public library consultants:

Vicki Mohr
Area: Central/Northwest and part of Southeast Oklahoma

Cathy Van Hoy
Area: Northeast part of Southeast Oklahoma

Sadie Bruce
Area: Southwest, Panhandle and part of Southeast Oklahoma

Other Library Development Staff who assist the library and literacy communities:

Doris Dixon is the administrative assistant for the Office of Library Development. The consultants are often on the road and Doris can either answer your question or find another staff member to talk to you if you need help immediately.

Leslie Gelders, is literacy coordinator. Check out the services and projects of the Oklahoma Literacy Resource Office.

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