Oklahoma Program Approval Manual for Certification

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Criteria for Approval of Programs

Program Evaluation

Application Procedure

Program Application Form

Program Application Form Instructions

Program Application Form Instructions

Note: Instruction numbers correspond to line numbers on the application form. Use additional sheets as needed throughout the application form.

1. Organization: The name of the organization or group sponsoring or administering the program. Include division, section, round table, chapter, etc. when applicable.

2. Program Contact Person: The name of the organizational person directly responsible for this particular program. This is the person who will be notified of the Certification Specialist's decision on the application or who will be contacted if additional information is needed about the program.

3. Address: The complete address of the Program Contact Person is to be included.

4. Telephone: The telephone number of the Program Contact Person. Be sure to include area code and extension (if applicable).

5. Program Title: The complete name of the program. Title should be as descriptive of the program as possible.

6. Date of Program/Time/Location: The month, day, year and time when this program will take place. Also complete the city, the facility and the specific room where the program will be offered. Use the additional space for repeat programs.

7. Instructional Hours (or contact hours): Instructional hours are based on the number of clock hours (50 minutes) of actual instructional activity provided in the program. Do not include registration time, meal time, free time, coffee breaks, etc. Only the complete instructional hours should be considered.

8. Participants Expected: Offer the most realistic estimate possible of the number of registrations you expect for this program. This estimate is useful for the Certification Specialist in evaluating the mode of instruction.

9. Target Group: Identify the type of participants for whom the program is planned. Also include the level of experience of the audience if this is significant to the program content.

10. Charge: Indicate what the cost will be to an individual librarian. Due to limited continuing education budgets, sponsors are encouraged to keep the charges as low as possible.

11. Goal/Purpose of the Program: This can be a one or two sentence description of the goal of the program as a whole and should be written from the participant's point of view. (Example: Participants will be introduced to major classes of reference tools used in small public libraries.)

12. Learning Objectives: Objectives are specific, measurable accomplishments that the participants shall be able to perform by the end of the program. (Example: The participants shall be able to identify (1) four major types of reference tools and give an example of each; (2) one function for each reference tool; (3) the main difference between indexes and abstracts and (4) the type of reference tools that would most likely be used to answer a given set of reference questions.)

13. Subject Matter and Methods to be Used: Attach an agenda/outline with specific times. Describe the subject matter/content of the program. (Example: Four major types of reference tools will be described including distinguishing characteristics and functions of each type. Sample questions demonstrating use of each type of tool will be included.) Describe the instructional methods which will be employed: lecture, discussion group, group activity, practice sessions, etc. Use of multimedia as well as types of exercises should be included.

14. Instructional Staff: Include names, rationale for choice, and appropriate credentials for each instructor.

15. Evaluation: Include a copy of the evaluation form. The evaluation should be related to the objectives of the program. The success of the program at meeting its objectives is being evaluated and should be stated in terms of anticipated behavioral changes.

16. Confirmation of Attendance: Indicate whether you will provide a record of attendance confirming the number of CEU's earned for each participant.

17. Program Contact Person's Signature: The signature of the Program Contact Person is entered here.

18. Date of Application: Enter the month, day and year of the date the application is submitted to the Certification Specialist.


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