Oklahoma Program Approval Manual for Certification

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Criteria for Approval of Programs

Program Evaluation

Application Procedure

Program Application Form

Program Application Form Instructions

Program Evaluation

The Certification Specialist will evaluate applications for program approval. The following questions are considered during the evaluation process:

  • Has a target group been identified and is the program designed for the target group?
  • Does the stated goal describe what the program will accomplish?
  • Are the program objectives specific accomplishments that the participants shall be able to perform at the end of the program?
  • Are the objectives measurable?
  • Is the subject matter/content of the program described?
  • Are the described instructional methods appropriate for the subject and the program objectives?
  • Are the described instructional methods appropriate for the expected number of participants?
  • Is the time allowed adequate for the number of participants?
  • Does the number of CEUs requested match actual instructional time?
  • Do the qualifications listed for the instructor relate to the subject that will be covered?
  • Is an evaluation instrument included in the application?

If needed, you may download a copy of the Program Evaluation Form in the Adobe PDF format.

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