Oklahoma Program Approval Manual for Certification

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Criteria for Approval of Programs

Program Evaluation

Application Procedure

Program Application Form

Criteria for Approval of Programs

Recognizing the broad range of continuing education needs, this process will strive to be inclusive and diverse in the programs approved. The following criteria will be used by the Certification Specialist to review applications:

1. The specific needs of the client group have been assessed.

2. Specific, measurable, and/or observable learning objectives have been stated in at least one of these areas: (a) changes in attitude and approach to the solution of problems; (b) acquisition (or mastery) of new knowledge or (c) the revision of outdated knowledge in specific skills, techniques and procedures.

3. The program is systematically designed and delivered to meet the stated objectives.

Guideline for the Use of Demonstrations: A demonstration is one learning method that can be used when the learning objectives include skill acquisition on the part of participants. If a demonstration is chosen as a learning method, time for hands on practice must be included in the outline. If practice time is not included, written justification must be provided.

4. The instructional staff is qualified by education or experience to provide quality instruction on the relevant subject matter area.

5. Evaluation is an on-going and integral part of the education offering.

6. Individual participant registration is provided which includes information required for record keeping and reporting (such as a transcript or a confirmation of attendance).

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