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Directory of Oklahoma Public Libraries and Systems

Oklahoma Certification Manual for Public Librarians

Oklahoma Program Approval Manual for Certification

Oklahoma Library Trustee Handbook

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ODL Publications Online and in Print
by division

This page is a summary of ODL publications available online and in print from our various divisions. Most publications are available for printing from the web. Please contact the appropriate division for more information. Telephone, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses for the divisions are listed below. Unless otherwise noted, all items are free.

Public Information Office
(405) 522–3562

ABC—Oklahoma Agencies, Boards and Commissions
booklet, online, in-print (limited-printing)
$2.00 postage to mail. • Listing and profiles of Oklahoma state agencies, boards and commissions, as well as elected officers, cabinet, legislature, high courts, and institutions.

Oklahoma Almanac
print—selected features online • See Almanac page for pricing • Formerly known as the Directory of Oklahoma, this publication has been called the "accepted information authority" on the state since 1907. The Almanac includes information on Oklahoma's state agencies, and the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government. • The Almanac also includes election results, county statistics, a tourism section, a wildlife and nature section, Oklahoma history, federal government contacts, lists of Oklahoma museums and statewide associations, and more.

Directory of Oklahoma Public Libraries and Systems
online • Use our interactive pages to find libraries by city or county, or locate public library systems and their branches. Includes exit links to Oklahoma public library websites.

Oklahoma State Government Online
Features information from our ABC (Agencies, Boards, and Commissions) publication. For agencies with a web presence, we have listed the individual agencies' statutory authority, mission, key staff and programs. You can also search agency websites and browse selected hot links from their sites.

Literacy Resource Office
(405) 522–3205

A full list of Literacy Resource Office publications

U.S. Government Information Division
(405) 522–3335

A History of Our Nation
brochure, online pdf and print • Notable historical publications available in either the original format, republished, or available on microfiche. A few of the notable documents are: The Congressional Record, The Rebellion Records, Indian Claims Commission Publications, Journals of the Continental Congress, Warren Commission Report, Bureau of Ethnology Bulletins, and other publications.

American Memory
brochure, online pdf and print • A brochure from our U.S. Government Information Division about the American Memory collection housed in the Library of Congress and available through the Internet.

Electronic Access to Government Information
brochure, online pdf and print • To keep up with the trend of the federal government providing electronic access to information, we offer this list of useful federal agency Internet sites on the World Wide Web.

Guide to Microform Holdings
brochure, online pdf and print • As a regional depository for the state of Oklahoma, ODL works to provide access to a variety of federal government information sources. We often supplement the the federal government publications received from the U.S. Government Printing Office's Federal Depository Library Program with non-depository publications because of their historical or regional value. This publication provides information on the non-depository microformat materials obtained for ODL's U.S Government Information Division's collection.

Directory of Depositories for U.S. and State of Oklahoma Government Publications
A listing of regional depositories for the state of Oklahoma and United States Government publications.

Historical Publications
brochure, online pdf and print • The U.S. Government Information Division became a depository for publications from the U.S. government in 1893. Throughout the years we have received many interesting titles. This brochure is a list of some of the more interesting publications, arranged chronologically.

Maps (published by the federal government)
brochure, online pdf and print • ODL's U.S. Government Information Division has been receiving maps published by federal government agencies since 1985. With few exceptions we receive the maps of every state. This brochure tells about the different types of maps available at the State Library.

The Serial Set
brochure, online pdf and print • The Serial Set is our most important collection of historical records. It contains more than 50,000 titles published by or on behalf of Congress from 1789 to present. This brochure describes the various Serial Set reports and documents available at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

U.S. Government Information Division
brochure, online pdf and print • This brochure is a compilation of the various sources of government information available at the state library or on the Internet. ODL's U.S. Government Information Division receives publications from all three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. As a regional depository library, we receive an average of 100,000 federal publications per year in paper, CD-ROM, microfiche, and map formats.

Forty-Six Important Federal Publications About Oklahoma—the 46th state
booklet, online pdf and print • On November 16, 1907, the U.S. Congress approved the proposed constitution of the soon-to-be 46th state in our nation, Oklahoma. This process created the state of Oklahoma from the union of Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory. This bibliography lists the 46 federal government publications that we believe are the most important in our state's history. It excludes the legislation that made Oklahoma a state. It also excludes documents about the Indian wars. All items are listed chronologically.

Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001
online • The attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC, came as a terrible surprise to most Americans—from the upper echelons of political power to the streets of small-town America. Though most Americans do not live in new York or Washington, all were deeply affected by the terrorist attacks. This bibliography is intended to serve as a means of access to information produced by the United States Government concerning the events of September 11 and terrorism in general.

American Indian Materials in the Federal Depository Libraries of Oklahoma
booklet, online pdf and print • The federal depository libraries of oklahoma contain many wonderful resources about American Indians. This guide is an attempt to list federal government publications and other useful publications about Indians that are in federal depository libraries.

Archives & Records Management
(405) 522–3579

General Records Disposition Schedule
Document, online and print
A compilation of the disposition schedule for existing records, including all amendments, as approved by the archives and records Commission.

General Records Disposition Schedule for Universities and Colleges
document, online and print • A compilation of the disposition schedule for existing records for universities and colleges, including all amendments, as approved by the archives and records Commission.

Biennial Report of the State Records Administrator
booklet, print • This is a status report addressing the state's archives and records management program.

Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board, Annual Report
booklet, print • The annual report of the Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board. Consisting of 9 members, the Board provides leadership in encouraging and assisting the development of programs to preserve and enhance access to historical records pertaining to Oklahoma.

Records Management Manual for Oklahoma State Agencies
manual, print • A manual covering program responsibilities, the roles of the Records Management Coordinator and the Records Management Division, records inventorying and scheduling and other facets of records management.

Manual for Publications Officers
manual, print • A manual designed to assist state agency publications officers determine which agency-generated materials fall in the publications category and how they should be deposited with the Publications Clearinghouse.

Rules of the Oklahoma Archives and Records Commission
document, online and print • A booklet containing an official copy of rules of the Oklahoma Archives and Records Commission. The ARC is a five member statutory board created in 1947. With certain exceptions, it has the sole, entire and exclusive authority for the disposition of all public records and archives of state officers, boards, commissions, agencies, and instiitutions. You can view or download the Oklahoma Archives and records Commission Rules in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format or Rich Text Format.

Library Development
(405) 522–3217

ODL Computer Lab Training Schedule
calendar, online pdf • A listing of Computer Training Lab workshops for Oklahoma librarians and staff working in public and institution libraries. Sponsored by the Office of Library Development the Computer Training Lab is located at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries' Allen Wright Library. Also available as a brochure.

Oklahoma Certification Manual for Public Librarians
manual, online pdf • Explains how the certification process works, and details the levels of certification. The appendix section provides an overview of the courses offered through the Institute of Public Librarianship. Read more about Certification.

Oklahoma Library Trustee Handbook (2014)
online pdf • The Oklahoma Library Trustee Handbook provides trustees with a basic understanding of their responsibilities and authority. It contains useful information about policies, board/director relationships, funding, intellectual freedom, library laws and many other topics.

Oklahoma Documents for Small and Medium Libraries
booklet, print • An annotated bibliography of publications available from Oklahoma state government agencies which may be of interest to small and medium public libraries. All of these titles are available through interlibrary loan from the Publications Clearinghouse. Many of these titles may also be obtained from the issuing agency at little or no cost and several agencies have put their publications on-line. The appendix contains a directory of represented agencies along with their web addresses.

Oklahoma Program Approval Manual for Certification
online • Information for library educators and practicing professionals who wish to develop a program for the Institute in Public Librarianship. Read more about Certification.

Directory of Oklahoma Public Libraries and Systems
online • Oklahoma public libraries and systems as well as public libraries on the web. The listing includes key contacts, phone & fax numbers, email, operating hours and other information.

Oklahoma Public Library and Library Systems Maps
online pdf and Flash • Includes libraries by millage and millage caps

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