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Oklahoma Library Links

Office of Library Development

Management Information Systems

Directory of Oklahoma Public Libraries and Systems

Oklahoma and Library Links on the World Wide Web

Interlibrary Loan

Directory of Public Libraries in Oklahoma (pdf)

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OK Libraries

Office of Library Development
This office assists with public and institutional library development, and the continuing education needs of Oklahoma's library community. Here you will find information on the office's staff and services, a directory of Oklahoma public libraries and systems, information on public librarian certification, laws and other documents related to libraries.

Directory of Oklahoma Public Libraries and Systems
Find libraries through our alpha by city list, and locate public library systems and their branches. Includes page with exit links to Oklahoma public library websites.

Oklahoma and Library Links on the World Wide Web
Links to all types of Oklahoma libraries on the web, plus links to library-related sites and Oklahoma-grown sites. Also provides access to other ODL Online pages that feature exit links.

Interlibrary Loan
General policies concerning ODL's ILL services for Oklahoma libraries.

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