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Sooner Stories
has been discontinued. Instead, we wish to introduce you to our newest service—Oklahoma Crossroads: Documents and Images.

Oklahoma Crossroads: Documents and Images consists of selected digital collections of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries spanning more than 100 years of rich, vibrant history.

These collections include documents, photographs, newspapers, reports, pamphlets, posters, maps, and an author database ranging in date from the late 1800s to present.

Sooner Stories Archive

The More You Look—The More You See
Acrobatic Firemen of Oklahoma City Fire Department, 1908

Gusher! Oil Wells & Entrepreneurs
in Oklahoma 1890s–1930s

Rationing in World War II

Construction of the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion

Bonnie and Clyde in Oklahoma

The Farm Security Administration (FSA)

The Oklahoma State Capitol—In the Beginning

Halloween—Those Bones

The Domeless Wonder

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