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Aerial Photographs

Ever wonder what the Oklahoma landscape looked like in decades gone by?

Well, the Archives houses a collection of aerial photographs covering all of the state’s 77 counties, from the late 1930s through the 1960s.

Arranged by county and flight number, these photographs were taken by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration of the United States Department of Agriculture and retained by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. More recent aerial photographs are housed at Oklahoma State University.

To access aerial photos, one must have a legal description (section, township, and range).

The photos are generally available in two scales (1 inch = 1/3 mile and 1 inch = 1/8 mile) They can be looked at with or without a stereoscopic viewer and are plotted by legal description. 

You may wish to view or download a an index of the aerial photograph collection (Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format).

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