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General Policies for Use of the Archives

Any person may have access to the archives in the Search Room, subject to legal restrictions and these regulations. In general, records transferred to the State Archives Division are free of statutory or administrative restrictions.

The following rules govern the use of the State Archives in order to insure that the archives are protected from deterioration, mutilation, loss, or unauthorized destruction. Failure to comply with these rules is cause for the Office Administrator to refuse a researcher further access to the records.

    • The Search Room of the State Archives is available for public use, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except state holidays and other times specified in writing and posted by the Office Administrator.
    • Researchers are encouraged to contact the Archives prior to a personal visit to determine the availability and volume of the desired materials.
    • State Archives customers shall apply in person to the Division and shall furnish, on a form provided for this purpose, information necessary for registration.
    • Customers shall furnish acceptable identification upon request.
    • The Division staff makes every effort to assist researchers, but extensive research projects cannot be undertaken. Requests for information by telephone, mail, fax or email are handled as time and circumstance permit.
    • Upon request, the Division will provide general information about record holdings free of charge.
    • The Division normally furnishes information contained in materials in the form of photocopies according to the established duplication fee schedule.
    • The Division Head may limit photocopying activity if the duplication process endangers the physical preservation of the records.
    • The Division Head may limit photocopying activity if the request will interfere with the staff's ability to serve other researchers.
    • Materials requested for copy shall not be removed from containers or folders, but shall be marked with acid-free place markers provided by the Division.
    • Staff members do not interpret information contained in the records.
    • Within the limits of available staff resources, the State Archives provides information on a priority basis to official requests from government agencies.

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