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Fees for Duplicating and Photocopying

The following fees shall be charged for photocopying:

  • In-House paper-to-paper
    $0.10 per copy
  • In-House staff assisted paper-to-paper
    $0.25 per copy
  • Mailed paper-to-paper
    $0.25 per copy plus $1.00 handling fee 
    ($2.50 minimum)
  • In-House large format
    $1.50 per copy
  • Mailed large format
    $1.50 per copy plus $1.00 handling fee
  • In-House Bureau of Land Management
    $1.50 per copy
  • Mailed Bureau of Land Management
    $1.50 per copy plus $1.00 handling fee
    ($2.50 minimum)
  • In-House corner records
    $0.25 per copy
  • Mailed corner records
    $0.25 per copy ($2.50 minimum)
  • Color copies
    8 " X 14" and smaller - $1.50 per copy
    Larger than 8 " X 14" - $2.50 per copy

Microfilm Duplication
The following fees shall be charged for microfilming:

  • Film-to-film
    fee based on film size, footage and service
  • Film-to-paper - $0.30 per copy

Microfiche Duplication 
The following fees shall be charged for microfiche:

  • Fiche-to-fiche - $0.50
  • Fiche-to-paper - $0.30 per copy

The following fees shall be charged for faxing materials:

  • $1.00 first page
  • $0.25 each additional page

The following fees shall be charged for digitally stored corner records:

  • Corner Record Index CD-ROM
    $25.00 + $3.00 postage/handling
  • Individual Corner Record CD-Rom
    $15.00 + $3.00 postage/handling
  • Corner Record Ten CD-Rom Set
    $160.00 + $3.00 postage/handling

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