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Questions Frequently Asked About the State Archives—FAQ

Where can I find. . .

Birth and Death records?

Birth and death records can be found at the Vital Records Service of the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Marriage records?

Marriage records are maintained by the County Clerk’s Office in the respective county where the marriage was performed.

Census records?

We recommend that you contact the Oklahoma Historical Society for an extensive collection of federal census records on microfilm.  

Homestead records?

The State Archives house the U.S. District Land Office Homestead Registers, 1889-1908, for Oklahoma Territory.  They include a legal description of tract sold, number of acres, fees paid, name of purchaser, date of purchase, residence, receipt numbers, and patent number (final certificate) and date of issue. (Information needed: legal description—section, township and range—or county location).

Land records?

The State Archives contain various types of surveyors’ land records including corner remonumentation records, surveyors’ field notes and plats, and aerial photographs.  For more information see Land Records Service.

Military records?

The State Archives house the Commissioner of Confederate Pensions Applications, 1915-33.  View or download an index to Oklahoma's Confederate pension records by name of pension recipient (332K Adobe PDF format file).  If the name appears in the index, you may contact the State Archives for further information.

For all other military records contact the National Archives and Records Administration (Military Personnel Records), 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132-5100.  Telephone (314) 538-4247.

Native American records?

We recommend that you contact the Oklahoma Historical Society for an extensive collection of related to the Five Civilized Tribes, Dawes Commission and other tribal entities. 

Records of State Agencies?

The Oklahoma State Archives contain administrative and historical records of Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of state government, and state agencies.  For more information see Archives Collection Highlights.

Records of Governors?

The State Archives contain official papers of the Governor of Oklahoma from Charles N. Haskell (1907-1911) to Frank Keating (1995- ).  We also house some records from the territorial governors.  For more information see Papers of Oklahoma’s Governors.

State Supreme Court records?

The State Archives contain records from the Territorial Supreme Court, United States Supreme Court of Appeals for Indian Territory, State Supreme Court Civil and Criminal, and State Court of Criminal Appeals.  (Information needed:  case number from the Supreme Court).

Voting & election records?

Located at the State Archives are State Election Board records, including election returns, minutes, correspondence, candidate filings, poll books, legislative and congressional district maps, expense affidavits, and contested election files.

State constitutional records?

The State Archives house the records of the Oklahoma state constitutional convention, including biographical material, proceedings and debates, and committee reports.

For further questions, location or office hours you may Contact Us.

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