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The Oklahoma
Literacy Resource

Dept. of Libraries

200 NE 18th St
Oklahoma City,

(405) 521-2502
(405) 525-7804


Leslie Gelders,
literacy coordinator

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Citizens may search our database of Oklahoma Literacy Programs using a variety of search methods.

Only one method may be selected, using radio buttons. (Note: radio buttons are the small circular buttons above.)

Searches may be conducted using a selected City Name, which is the defalut option. Other options include searching by a selected Literacy Program name, or by an Associated Facility name.

Also, citizens may wish to select the List All radio button.

First, choose a search method (radio button). If you did not check the List All radio button, you must then select a record from the corrosponding pull-down menu bar.

Next, select the SUBMIT button.

Records will then be displayed for the search critera you specifed.

Also note, once you have selected a pull-down menu, simply typing the first letter of the field name will cause the list to fast-forward to records whose names begin with the letter you typed.

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