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Creation/Establishment of System
Rural Single County

Creation, Development, Operation and Maintenance (65 O.S. §4-201)

Creation of a Library System (65 O.S. §4-102)

Creation of Rural Single County Library System – Process (65 O.S. §4-202)

Establishment (OAC 405:10-3-1)

Establishment Approval by Oklahoma Department of Libraries Board (Rule) (OAC 405:10-3-2)

Establishment Approval by Oklahoma Department of Libraries Board (Statute) (65 O.S. §2-106)

Establishment by Counties, Cities and Towns (65 O.S. §4-101)

Establishment, ODL Approval Certification Form (OAC 405:10, Appendix C)

Establishment, Criteria for (OAC 405:10-3-3)

Establishment – Sample (City) Ordinance (OAC 405:10, Appendix B)

Establishment – Sample Resolution (County Commissioners) (OAC 405:10, Appendix A)

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