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Open Meeting Act
[in topic order]

If you prefer to view the law in Title and Section arrangement, transfer to the "Open Meeting Act in Citation Order" page.

Definitions used in Open Meeting Act (25 O.S. §304)

Executive Sessions (25 O.S. §307)

Executive Sessions, Legislative Committee Members Attending (25 O.S. §310)

Legislature (25 O.S. §309)

Meeting between Governor and Majority Members of Public Body (25 O.S. §308)

Minutes, Written (25 O.S. §312)

Notice – Public Bodies – Method (25 O.S. §311)

Notice, Advanced – Times and Places (25 O.S. §303)

Official Title of Act (25 O.S. §301)

Public Body Defined (25 O.S. §304)

Public Policy – Open Meeting Act (25 O.S. §302)

Videoconference Exceptions (25 O.S. §307.1)

Violation of Act, Actions Taken in Willful Violation (25 O.S. §313)

Violations – Misdemeanor – Penalty (25 O.S. §314)

Vote by Electronic or Telephonic Communications (25 O.S. §306)

Votes, Recording of (25 O.S. §305)

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