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KIDS COUNT Factbook is a publication which reports on the well-being of children and youth in Oklahoma.
Factbook Features
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Statements of Impact on Oklahoma

There are brief statements highlighted on each of the eight benchmark topic pages. The statements are designed to 1) link the eight indicators by highlighting common causes and solutions, 2) emphasize the impact these issues have on children, families and communities in Oklahoma, and 3) facilitate the sharing of the Oklahoma KIDS COUNT data. The statements have been written to be useful in grantwriting, public speaking, communicating with the media and other opportunities in which the scope and severity of these issues needs to be clearly conveyed.

Interpreting the Data

An instructive section has been included in this publication to assist in understanding and using the data.

Key to Using County Benchmark Tables

There is a guide to direct the reader to the various types of data information located on the County Benchmark Tables. Several types of data information are available for each benchmark: numbers, average annual numbers, county and state rates, percentage change between years, base and recent data and county rankings.

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