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The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) once again teams with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries to make downloads of its annual Kids Count report available online. This report on the well-being of Oklahoma's children is made possible by a partnership of state and federal agencies, private consultants, businesses and other organizations concerned about the physical and emotional health of the Sooner State's youngest citizens.

The State Profile in the 12th Oklahoma Kids Count Factbook focuses on children's behavioral health. The old myth that childhood is a carefree time without the stresses that plague most adults is being laid to rest. Infants, children and adolescents are also susceptible to mental illnesses. Even without mental illness, a child is subject to wild emotional swings, experiencing dramatic physical, cognitive and social changes and pressures.

The report also provides state and county tracking of the benchmarks used to profile the status of children in our state: Birthweight, Births to Teens, Child Abuse and Neglect, High School Dropouts, Violent Crime Arrests, and Mortality.

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Every Day in Oklahoma. . .

140 babies are born
6 of the babies are born to children
53 of the babies are born without adequate prenatal care
11 of the babies are born too small

170 allegations of serious child abuse and/or neglect are investigated
36 incidents are confirmed to be child abuse and/or neglect

16 children quit high school without graduating

59 children are arrested for a crime
2 of those are arrested for a violent crime, like rape or murder

At least 2 young people will die
1 of those will be a baby