“A house without books is like a room without windows.”

Heinrich Mann (1871-1950)
one of the foremost German writers of the twentieth century,
elder brother of Nobel Prize winning novelist Thomas Mann.

“When you read, you want to learn more and more words. It tells you that you can do anything you want—you can get higher goals.”

Muskogee Ten-year Old


How Oklahoma Libraries are Good for Kids

A Room with Windows

Few people would disagree with the developmental importance of books and reading. Today, in a world beset by change, the importance of reading seems greater than ever. Children must become literate in the fullest sense of the word. The demand is for individuals who are rich in language, communication and technical skills—all of which grow out of reading. To prepare children, we must stimulate their curiosity and imagination, cultivate their learning potential, and encourage the habits of lifelong learning.

For many children the place where this happens­their house filled with books, their room with windows­is the local public library. With its wealth of books (more books than any one family can afford), the public library provides a fertile ground for the growth of young people. If knowledge is the key, then a local library constitutes a brilliant opportunity. Public libraries offer children a chance to mix ideas, knowledge and hope.


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