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Interlibrary Loan Information

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Online Interlibrary Loan Services for State Government

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Information Services


ODL's ILL codes for various databases:




General Policies on Interlibrary Loan for Oklahoma Libraries
  • Last resort requests only
  • No charges for services
  • Loan period is 30 days
  • AMIGOS/BCR Code signer



  • Lend most materials in general collection
  • Will lend Oklahoma Room items for "in-library use"


  • Lend microfilm


  • Lend those owned

Genealogy and local history materials are usually non-circulating and not readily accessible through regular interlibrary loan channels. Because of the difficulty of acquiring, ODL does not refer these materials.

Referral to libraries inside and outside of the state is the responsibility of the local library. WorldCat is the source for locating genealogical materials.

Last Resort:
The Oklahoma Department of Libraries is the library to whom requests are sent for those items not found in local Oklahoma libraries. Requests are referred on OCLC to out-of-state libraries and the materials are sent directly to requesting libraries. No charges are levied for this referral service.

Requesting Procedures:
All requests referred to ODL must include libraries who've already been checked for the item. If there are no Oklahoma Library Technology Network locations, please note. ODL does not want to resend to libraries already tried.

All requests referred to the Department via fax or mail must be typed on the appropriate request forms, and two copies of each request must be sent. Include one request per form regardless of type of information requested.

Each request should be verified to the extent of the local library's ability. An ISSN/ISBN number must be included whenever possible. If no bibliographic verification is available, the citation or other verification should be provided.

If a request is resubmitted, clearly indicate that it is a second request and provide previous response.

Status reports will be provided for all referred requests.

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