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Trustee Talk Newsletter

Trustee Talk is a biannual publication designed to bring current and important information to public library trustees across the state. The hope is that this newsletter will provide a broader perspective on the issues facing libraries, and help trustees to better serve their communities.

Because Oklahoma’s public libraries serve diverse communities, Oklahoma’s library boards can be either a governing or an advisory board, and may serve a large system, a metropolitan area or a rural community. Therefore, some information in Trustee Talk may not be useful to you and your library. However, we hope that everyone will find something useful in each issue.

New issues are sent directly to libraries for library directors to distribute to board members. These issues are also available as Acrobat (pdf) files (requiring the free Acrobat reader).

September 2004 Issue
Part 1
Part 2

March 2004 Issue
July 2003 Issue
August 2002 Issue

March 2002 Issue

August 2001 Issue
March 2001 Issue

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