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Teaching Resources

Lesson plans and related information are provided to encourage the use of primary source materials in the teaching of Oklahoma history.

Primary source materials offer students firsthand evidence of history.  As students analyze historical records, they practice critical thinking skills and gain a better understanding of people and events.

Museums, historical societies, libraries and other organizations across the state preserve and protect Oklahoma’s unique history.  These institutions welcome the opportunity to share information about their collections.

The following lesson plans and activities are designed for use with fourth grade students.  Particular emphasis has been placed on social studies and information literacy skills.  Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) objectives for each are noted.  These materials are adaptable for other subjects and grade levels.

All lesson plans are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. Click here if you need Acrobat reader.

Lesson Plan in Three Parts

Learning About Farming Using Primary Source Materials (480Kb)

Harvest Time/Primary and Secondary Sources/Photographic Analysis Worksheet (1.1Mb)

Farming Photographs (1.1Mb)

Lesson Plan in Six Parts

Learning About Cowboys Using Primary Source Materials

A Cowboy’s Gear

Come And Get It:  The Chuck Wagon


Home on the Range:  The Life of a Cowboy

The Devil’s Rope

For questions, additional information, or to offer suggestions for future revisions please contact Jan Davis at (405) 522-3191


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