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The 2001–2002 Oklahoma Almanac

The whimsical image below belies the serious political debate that raged during the state's infant years: Which city should serve as Oklahoma's seat of government?

photograph of the 2001-2002 Oklahoma Almanac cover

The photo was used on more than one postcard to campaign for Oklahoma City as the capital city. A North American Postcard Company version in the Department of Libraries' Oklahoma Collection has the headline: "I've been on wheels 20 years. Locate me June 11 at Oklahoma City."

Voters did eventually select Oklahoma City as capitol city on June 11, 1910. Oklahoma trivia fans will appreciate the fact that the building in the photograph is actually the Kansas State Capitol.

Graphic design of the cover, feature section, and section divider pages is by Stroud Design of Oklahoma City. Felton Stroud served as art director, with design and production executed by Stroud and Cameron Wilson.

Click here to see the feature article on Oklahoma political history.


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