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Dept. of Libraries

200 NE 18th St
Oklahoma City,

(405) 521-2502

(405) 525-7804

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Staff of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries

The main telephone number for Oklahoma Department of Libraries is 521-2502. From that number, you can be transferred to any staff member you wish to reach.

Click a division to view staff names and direct phone numbers. If you need to e-mail someone at ODL, please visit our Staff Contact Form or Department Contact Form.


Susan McVey, director, 405-522-3173

Vicki Sullivan, deputy director, 405-522-3215

Cindy Mooney, executive secretary, 405-522-3172

Judy Tirey, LSTA coordinator, 405-522-3317

Chris Smith, acting mailroom supervisor, 405-522-3262

Susan Feller, development officer, 405-522-3259

Fiscal Control

Kristi Hawkins, business manager, 405-521-2508

Monique Newton, accountant, 405-522-3281

Gwen Tiller, accounting technician, 405-522-3280

Bill Chambers, accounting technician, 405-522-3282


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Jan Eric Cartwright Memorial Library
Reference Desk: (405) 522-3212 or (405) 522-3213

Christine Chen, legislative librarian

Lori Campbell, library technician

Heather Kitchen, reference librarian

Cliff Broadworth, reference librarian

Douglas Amos, law librarian

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Office of Government Information

Archives and Records

Jan Davis, administrator, 405-522-3191

Carol Guilliams, processing archivist, 405-522-3580

Judie Matthews, processing archivist, 405-522-3184

Linda Raulston, land records archivist, 405-522-3581

Madelyn Chambers, administrative technician, 405-522-3579

Sharif Tucker, administrative technician, 405-522-3577

Oklahoma Publications Clearinghouse

Call U.S. Government Information for staff assistance.

U.S. Government Information Division

Steve Beleu, regional depository librarian, 405-522-3327

Cliff Broadworth, reference librarian, 405-522-3335

Mike Cameron, administrative assistant, 405-522-3334

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Office of Library Development

Vicki Mohr, division director, 405-522-3293

Doris Dixon, administrative assistant, 405-522-3217

Kathy Blick O'Donnell, software trainer, 405-522-3320

General Public Library Consultants

Cathy Van Hoy, consultant, 405-522-3321

Sadie Bruce , consultant 405-522-3322

Adrienne Butler, youth consultant, 405-522-3323

Melissa Askew, consultant, 405-522-3315

Oklahoma Literacy Resource Office

Leslie Gelders, literacy coordinator, 405-522-3242

Rebecca Barker, program administrator, 405-522-3187

Kerri McLinn, family literacy consultant, 405-522-3186

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Office of Public Information

Bill Young, administrator, 405-522-3562

Bill Struby, public information officer, 405-522-3568

Fara Taylor, public information officer, 405-522-3384

Oklahoma Center for the Book

Connie Armstrong , executive director and editor of the Oklahoma Almanac, 405-522-3383

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Office of Library Resources

Kitty Pittman, administrator and Oklahoma Collection librarian, 405-522-3192


Arlene Paschel, head of public service, 405-522-3578

Natalie Vaughn, reference librarian, 405-522-6704

Cynthia Black, circulation manager, 405-522-3508

Oklahoma Telecommunications Interlibrary System

David Hankey, interlibrary loan manager, 405-522-3473

Shalalah Saunders, library technician, 405-522-3433


Melecia Caruthers, acquisitions manager, 405-522-3490

Cataloging/Technical Services

Ching-Yu Chi, cataloging, 405-522-3489

Lana Cross, cataloging assistant, 405-522-3488

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